Maintaining a constant and effective media presence grows more complicated by the day. The advent of digital media coupled with the fragmentation of traditional print and broadcast outlets presents both challenges and opportunities. The key to superior communications, of course, is to be able to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns versus your competitors, and that requires quality media intelligence and accurate global media measurements.

SignUp Media provides tools and content that allow companies to use information to make better and more informed decisions.

SignUp Media monitoring tools and products combine research intelligence, quality content, text-mining methods and visualization capability into powerful solutions that give you the ability to track and document the effectiveness of your communications activities. By more effectively monitoring your key subjects against a broad range of traditional and new media, you can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your communications strategies and recognize new opportunities for success.

SignUp Media offers a suite of powerful solutions to augment the enterprise media strategy. SignUp Media products include tools for measuring exposure, interpreting coverage, benchmarking results against communications efforts and documenting critical events.